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Titolo : Love & grace
Release Date : 04/06/2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download

David Dosi is a young very talented singer songwriter from Sweden.

David went to a music school in Stockholm where he developed his voice and his passion for music. There he started to work on his craft, but it was only later at the time he started uploading songs to youtube that he caught the attention of Italian music producers Marco Tansini and Roberto Gasparini who instantly fell for his unique strong but also vulnerable voice and instantly wanted to record an album.

”I always strived after touching my audience soul and make them feel every word i sing, as the likes of Frank Sinatra and Christina Aguilera. I feel some how that much of todays music lack that element and thats a key ingredient I’m very keen on bringing back.” – David Dosi

Determined to break into the music industry, David made tripps back and forth to Italy and have just finished his first Ep named Love And Grace. Witch will soon be realized.