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Band :
Titolo : Country Moon - Marco Tansini
Release Date : 06/23/2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Country moon is the fourth solo album by Marco Tansini, but it’s the first sung after the three instrumentals works as guitarist (American places, Blues garage and From nowhere to Nashville).  These songs are intentionally linked to tradition but full of the author’s world. They are small personal stories told and drawn with music that  speak of universal love as in “We can find love”, of the reletionship with sons in “40 miles”,  of difficult moments in “Too many nights”,  of memories of youth in “Country moon”  or about a very cinematic story in”Mexican wind”Country moon is only  an apparently simple album and it’s instinctive and  immediate, where the artist’s voice and guitars are the soundtracks of real feelings. This is a work purposefully out of time but incredibly touching and up-to-date.

Line up   Marco Tansini    Vocals, Guitars and Hammond, Gianni Grecchi   Bass,  Paolo Botteschi  Drums – Background vocals  Mario Percudani, Nicole Fodritto  and Dany Magnani and  Martha  Tansini on “We can find love”.

Produced by Marco Tansini – Recorded and mixed at Pacific Studio – Mastering by Giacomo Ghinazzi at Ego Studio 

Cover by Daniele Odelli

                                     This is for Dario