Marco Tansini

Marco Tansini’s musical long career as producer, composer and performer  includes over 70 albums, and more than 400 of his songs  are published worldwide today. He produced albums for CBS, EMI, Warner, BMG, Virgin, Ricordi, Sony, Atlantic,  Capitol and  various indie labels. .Marco expressed his talent through a variety of musical genres, from Jazz to Rock, from New Age to Pop, from Blues to Country. He wrote movie scores, advertising scores for corporations, composed music for  the Theatre and Contemporary Opera. Marco began by entering some of the most famous recording studios to record his first tapes without today’s technology, where he was required to play guitar, piano, hammond organ, bass and drums, as well as vocal. For him that intense experience was an important lesson which later on would prove to be very useful. Over the years many of his  records reached the top of the charts. After playing for large audiences, he returned to perform live, and he continues to write and make records for himself  and to produce projects for new artists all over the world.